Re: Antenna?

From:         Pete Mellor <>
Date:         07 Apr 94 13:55:14 PDT
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> 	I recently flew on an Airbus 320 (Northwest).  I 
> noticed that underneath the wings there were what appeared
> to be support 'struts'.  I think that there were three of
> them on each wing. 

I didn't look closely last time I saw an A320, but the FCOM 1.01.10 PP2-3 
does not show any such struts (at least, not clearly - the diagrams of the 
general shape of the aircraft are not particularly easy to read). 

> On the end (tail side) of these 'struts'
> there was a black rod sticking out.  It looked similar to a
> car antenna.  There were similar rods (five I think) sticking
> out of the winglets.  What are these rods? 

No such rods are shown in the FCOM, either. (Again, I am going by a small-scale 

The diagrams do, however, label all the antennae. They are all on the 
fuselage. None are on the wings. 

> ... out of the winglets. 

Eh? What winglets? Are you *sure* that was an A320? 

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