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From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         07 Apr 94 13:55:10 PDT
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In article <airliners.1994.1107@orchard.Chicago.COM> (Dr. Stuart L. Bloom) writes:
>A little while back, I obtained a type rating in the 737, but since I 
>don't fly as a vocation, keeping the knowledge in my head is 
>difficult.  I've heard that there are some videos that cover the aircraft 
>systems, as well as flight procedures. If anyone can clue me in on where 
>to find these I'd be very grateful.  

1.  Aviation & Space Videos, 316 N. 12th Street, Sacramento, CA  95814.  
(916-447-5081.  They offer two to four hour ground school systems refreshers
for a variety of airplanes.    Nothing fancy: instructor with a pointer 
standing in front of some paper cut-outs.  Costs are $60-$80.  These tapes
are heavily oriented around UAL airplanes and procedures.  I thought their
727 was pretty good, but skimped on the powerplant.  See my review, archived
on somewhere (either in the sa archives or saa archives;
might also be in product-reviews).

2.  On Location, Inc.  B 737-300/500 proficiency
check review video.    I haven't seen this one; he's been advertising in the
ALPA rag's classifieds.  This one is by an EAL captain.  $57.50.

Not a video, but very well-done:

Tech Pubs, 713-368-7252  _FMC User's Guide_, by Bill Bulfer.  A fantastic
operational guide to the 737 Smith's Industries FMS.  About $50. 

If it's review guides you're looking for, try the UAL pilot store: all the
airlines have lots of pilots making a buck on the side publishing "need to
know" sheets for the annual sim checks.  These tend to be inexpensive.

Robert Dorsett