USAir 737 nose gear collapse

From:         John Harvie <>
Date:         07 Apr 94 13:55:08 PDT
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>From The Boston Globe, Thursday, April 7, 1994, used without permission:

The nose landing gear of a USAir jet parked at a gate at Logan International 
Airport collapsed yesterday around 6:30 a.m., a half-hour before the plane was 
scheduled to depart for Cleveland.

None of the seven crew members on board Flight 101 was injured when the nose of 
the Boeing 737 sank, smashing the landing gear doors against the pavement, 
iarline and Massachusetts Port Authority officials said.

Twenty passengers waiting to board Flight 101 were rerouted to other flights, 
Massport spokesman Philip Orlandella said.

Anthony Willett of the Federal Aviation Administration said an FAA inspector 
was investigating, but had not determined the cause of the collapse.

USAir spokeswoman Andrea Butler said airline mechanics have determined that the 
collapse was not due to mechanical failure. She said airline investigators are 
trying to determine whether human error -- such as someone pushing the wrong 
button -- or some other factor was at fault. Butler said a routine maintenance 
check on the jet was performed Tuesday night, and there were no problems.

If the landing gear had failed after the plane was in flight, landing in 
Cleveland would have been difficult, although not impossible.

On Aug. 10, 1989, a Trump Shuttle Boeing 727 made a successful emergency 
landing after its nose landing gear failed in flight.

The repair of damage to the jet bridge at Gate 4 in Terminal B kept that gate 
closed all day yesterday, Butler said, but did not delay or cancel any flights. 
The gate is expected to reopen today.
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Questions for those who know: is it possible to retract the landing gear when 
the plane is resting on it? I would think there would be some kind of lockout 
to prevent such an occurrence. Also, related to the thread on engine mounts on 
wings, could a 737 make a landing without nose gear the way the 727 was able 
to? (It was quite a show on the local TV news.)

John Harvie
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