Airliners takeoff and landing distances

From: (petrus lundqvist)
Organization: Freenet finland
Date:         07 Apr 94 13:55:02 PDT
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I would like to get some rough figures on how long runways certain
airliners require for landng and takeoff. I know that it varies a lot
but a plane moderately loaded with "average" loads of passenger and
fuel and in "normal" weather and sea-level. The airliners I would
like to get info of are the following:
Boeing 727, Boeing 737, Boeing 747, Boeing 757, Boeing 767,
Airbus 320, DC-9, MD-87 (the 80 series?), MD-11, DC-10.
What I would like to know is basicly how long runways an airport must
have so that one or more of those airliners could operate (with 
passengers) from it.

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