Request for Information

From: (Robert Burns)
Date:         02 Apr 94 00:20:09 PST
Organization: Boeing Computer Services
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Does anyone know of an existing device or current research on a device,
that could be applied to the following application?  If so, please reply
directly to the contact at the end of this note instead of this newsgroup.
Thanks in advance for your kind attention to this request for information.

        Portable, wireless, 3-axis locator device


        Optimal: 1 centimeter or less; Acceptable: 10 centimeters


        Quality Assurance inspector on large airplane assembly line

Application Description:

A Quality Aassurance (QA) inspector visually determines that a repair must be
made at a specific location on an airplane. The location must be recorded
with sufficient fidelity that a repair mechanic can subsequently locate the
problem easily and precisely. Ideally, the QA inspector would point a wand
at the problem location, press a button on the wand or portable belt pack,
and the x,y,z coordinates of the wand would be transmitted to a nearby
microcomputer. The computer, in turn, would map the x,y,z coordinates
to the location terminology recognized by the airplane industry (a very
non-trivial task). After transmitting the location to the computer, the
inspector would then transmit to the computer information that describes
the nature of the problem and the required corrective action.

Send any information to:

        Jim Crozier  Email:
                       Fax: 206-393-7805  Voice: 206-393-7769