Re: Air France 767-300?

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         01 Apr 94 13:11:54 PST
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Eric Bartsch  <> wrote:
>  I recently saw an advertisement for models of various airliners. Included
>in the list was an Air France 767-300. I have never seen 767s listed in any
>airliner book as being in the Air France fleet and I can't imagine Air
>France buying 767s over A300-600s or A310s. Does anyone know if they have
>in fact operated any 767s or is this a typo?

The 23-29 March Flight International World Airline Directory shows Air
France with 4 767-300s.  They also seem to operate 11 A310s and 20 A300s.
For what it is worth, they haven't made any money in something like a
decade, so go figure.  :-)  In fact, one of the recommendations of the latest
European study groups was to cut Air France off from further government
subsidies.  When the CEO tried to make them more lean and profitable, the
company struck and demonstrated on the runway at CDG.  Incredible!

I love this business!  :-)


"Anyone who thinks they can hold the company responsible for what I say has
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