Re: Those swinging engine pods!

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         01 Apr 94 13:11:44 PST
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Michael Yip <> wrote:
>It seems to me that in recent years more engines are falling/tearing
>off from 747s than before.   Here is a recent article (AW&ST 3/14/94)
>related to another incident in Tokyo:
>	For the First time, Japan's Civil Aviation Bureau has
>	asked the FAA to check the safety status of a US carrier 
>	after a Northwest Airlines 747-251B bound for New York
>	from Hong Kong lost an engine while making an intermediate
>	stop at Tokyo's Narita Airport on Mar. 1.
>	The aircraft's landing was normal, but after several
>	hundred yards its No. 1 engine fell foward and skidded 
>	on the ruway for about 1,000 yards.  A fire broke
>	out that damanged the wing, but the situation was not
>	deemed serious enough by the cockpit crew to order 
>	emergency evacuation of the 228 passengers and 18 crew.
>	Instead they used mobile stairways.

For what it is worth, the fuse pins were still in place and undamaged from
what I've heard so far.  However, the retaining parts were no where to be

Interesting sidenote, the officials at Narita were quite unhappy with
Northwest back in December and January for leaving chunks of retread tires
all over the runways on what seemed to be a regular basis (shutting the
active runway down for up to two hours).  Now Northwest is leaving engine
parts on the runway.  :-)  You got to feel for these guys!


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