Re: What Happened to Convair?

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Date:         01 Apr 94 13:11:39 PST
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>Convair became a division of General Dynamics.  This aircraft
>concern was sold to Lockheed sometime back.

Convair did indeed become a division of General Dynamics, but its not
the piece of GD that was sold to Lockheed.  Convair still happily does
work on commercial aircraft (notably MD-11 fuselage sections) in San
Diego.  Lockheed acquired GD's Fighter Aircraft Division in Fort
Worth, Texas, known these days for the F-16 though also the producer
of the F-111 and other military aircraft.

>As a historical note, I *think* that "Convair" was a sort of
>conglomerated name that stood for "Consolidated Vultee Aircraft"
>or something therabouts.

Yep, Consolidated Vultee.

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