Re: What Happened to Convair?

From: (Mark Scott)
Organization: Boston University, Boston, MA, USA
Date:         01 Apr 94 13:11:32 PST
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in article 1086 A.J. Madison asks what has happened to Convair.

In a roundabout kind of way I'll try to answer his question:

Until recently I worked for DHL Worldwide Express in their European airline
division called European Air Transport (EAT).  As part of their fleet of 
aircraft EAT operates 11 Convair 580's and thus we dealt regularly with 
Convair who is still in operation and although they are quite small still
stock original components (complete with 1950's inspection tags) for the
Convair aircraft.  I am not entirely sure if they have been bought by someone
perhaps someone else would be able to answer that question.

It is interesting to note that despite their age (one of the aircraft in 
operation is over 40 years old) and the correspondingly high number of cycles
and hours on the airframe the Convairs give less trouble and cost much less
to maintain than the other aircraft in the fleet (727-100's) even if you rate
them for their carrying capacity.

Mark Scott