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Date:         31 Mar 94 00:30:10 PST
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>Karl - can you enlighten us on Aircraft Serial Number 676, Delta
>fleet number 038?

It's an A310-324(ET), registration N838AB.  Delta has three types of
A310, two variants of this model (ex-Pan Am and newly-purchased) plus
ex-Pan Am A310-222s.  All have 10/26/138 seating.  The A310-324(ET)s
all have PW4152 engines, while the A310-222s have JT9D-7R4E1 engines.
The new A310-324(ET)s are slightly heavier than the ex-Pan Am ones at
157,000 kg (346,126 lbs) MGTOW vs. 153,000 kg, with the older -222s
being significanly lighter at 138,600 kg.  N838AB is not distinguished
in any way from the other newly-purchased A310-324(ET) models except,
I assume, for being the star of the Air and Space article.

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