Good articles in last two Air & Space issues

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Date:         31 Mar 94 00:30:08 PST
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Been meaning to send this for a while.  Good article in the Feb/March issue of
Air & Space.  Entitled "Your Airbus is ready."  Goes through the process a 
Delta team does in accepting a new 310.  Good article.  Good deatil.  But left
me wanting more.

Karl - can you enlighten us on Aircraft Serial Number 676, Delta fleet number

Also, in the same issue is a lengthy article on BA747 pilot, Williams Stewart,
who was found "guilty of criminal negligence for endangering his passengers."

Basically a captain who was doing and approach to minimums as Heathrow, blew
the first one, and came within 12ft of a hotel roof on the second one.

Lastly, in the most recent issue is a long article on the "paperless" approach
to the 777.  Haven't read the whole thing yet, but looks good.


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