727 (was Re: VERY Early DC-8s)

From:         jstrickl@cs.sfu.ca (James Strickland)
Organization: Simon Fraser University
Date:         31 Mar 94 00:30:02 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.1073@orchard.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
<someone else wrote>:
>>I am not certain the United 727 is at Boeing field.  It is not parked
>>at the Museum of Flight.  Rumor has it that is is up at Paine Field
>>in Everett.
>I didn't see it at Boeing Field last summer either.  If it flew
>elsewhere, they must have found some new engines because United
>donated the airframe but wanted to get the engines back as soon
>as it was ferried to its final location.

If you are referring to a United Airlines Boeing 727 with registration
N7001U, upper fuselage painted white with a blue stripe along the
windows and a blue/red "stripe" up the tail, well...

it is indeed at Paine Field in Everett, at least as of mid-February.
It was parked just outside a hangar which was labelled So-and-so
aircraft restorers.  (I forget the name).

There was also a BOAC Comet (EVCC) parked nearby.


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