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In article <airliners.1994.1047@orchard.Chicago.COM>, (Philip M.
Chuang) writes:

Regarding the KC-135/707 connection, another interesting source of information
on this relationship is "Vision: A Saga of the Sky", Harold Mansfield, Madison
Press, 1984. Mansfield was (is?) a publicist for Boeing, and relates the very
interesting fashion through which Boeing, unable to come up with development
money for a commercial jet, dangled the aerial tanker in front of SAC until
they bit, at which point Boeing was able to proceed with both the 707 and
KC-135 projects. Although Boeing was forced to "slick up" the 707 in order to
compete with Douglas, it is still debatable whether they'd have been able to go
ahead with the 707 project in the absence of the KC-135. And in fact, many
components (including the wing, if I read it right) are common between the two

In any case, "Vision" is a great read for anyone interested in aviation
history, told as it is from the flak's point of view!

I just discovered this discussion, and I'm enjoying it tremendously! Thanks!

Doug Bostrom
Washington, DC