Re: Air France 767-300?

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Date:         31 Mar 94 00:29:56 PST
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>I have never seen 767s listed in any airliner book as being in the
>Air France fleet and I can't imagine Air France buying 767s over
>A300-600s or A310s.

Odd as it might seem, they do indeed operate 767s, though they are
fairly new and thus might not appear in many references.  In fact,
one is due for delivery this coming May.  Air France does not operate
the A300-600, which would be very close to the 767-300(ER) in weight.
I think the range is a bit lower so maybe that is why Air France went
with the Boeing.  (American, the A300-600R launch customer, also
operates the 767-300(ER), using the latter for longer-range work than
the A300-600R, which was mainly acquired for Caribbean routes.)

Air France does operate earlier A300 models as well as A310s, but
both of these are significantly smaller, lighter, and lower in range
than the 767-300(ER).

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