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From: (Ed Hahn)
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Date:         31 Mar 94 00:29:51 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.1063@orchard.Chicago.COM> (Lars A Ewell) writes:

	   I recently flew on an Airbus 320 (Northwest).  I 
   noticed that underneath the wings there were what appeared
   to be support 'struts'.  I think that there were three of
   them on each wing.  On the end (tail side) of these 'struts'
   there was a black rod sticking out.  It looked similar to a
   car antenna.  There were similar rods (five I think) sticking
   out of the winglets.  What are these rods?  In addition, are
   the 'struts' called struts and are they used for support?


	   Lars Ewell

The black rods are static discharger wicks.  They dissapate static
charge which may accumulate on the airframe to the airstream, but I
don't know the exact mechanism.  I think they are used to improve comm
radio performance; anyone know for sure?

By struts, I assume that you are talking about the flap actuator
fairings.  They surround the flap extension/retraction mechanism to
eliminate excess drag (and provide some protection).  One of the
unique features of all Airbus aircraft are the large flap fairings
under the wings.

Hope this helps.

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