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Date:         31 Mar 94 00:29:49 PST
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"I remember reading a very informative book on aircraft engine design
and construction...The only thing I remember
about the book is that it was published by Pratt & Whitney and is
atleast 15 years old."

The book you may be thinking of is "The Aircraft Gas Turbine Engine and Its
This is Pratt & Whitney Operating Instruction 200, Part No: P&W 182408, and can
bought directly from Pratt by calling their parts department. The book is a
training manual,
designed to be used by technicians and mechanics. It gives a non-engineering
treatise of how
gas turbines operate. It has been revised several times, but originally dates
back to 1951. The
latest revision was 1988. It is an excellent book--I use it as a text for a
class I teach in 
aircraft propulsion at Foothill College in Los Altos Hills, CA. It is extremely

Since the book is not a regular publication, it has no ISBN number, and can
only be obtained
through Pratt & Whitney. They'll hit you up for about $25 - $30 for it.

Hope this is the one you're looking for. Good luck.