Re: Airbus out of control (Moscow, 1991)

From: (Carl J. Ockier)
Date:         30 Mar 94 20:37:24 PST
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In <airliners.1994.1048@orchard.Chicago.COM> "Dr. writes:
> According to the daily Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Tuesday, 22 March), a
> "unique" incident involving an Airbus A-310 near Moscow in 1991 has now been
> analyzed by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German equivalent of FAA). The incident
> seems to have gone basically unnoticed by the public at the time it happened.
> [Not all of this is making sense to me, but the article sounds "from the
> horses mouth", so I'll leave it to more knowledgeable comment.]

Last week I happened to see a visualization of what took place in this
incident. The aircraft did indeed "go vertical" three or four times. It was
quite a spectacular sight. As far as I recal, the explanation given about the
incident was more or less as described in the original posting.

Carl Ockier.
DLR Institute of Flight Mechanics
Braunschweig, Germany