Re: old DC10 crash in Portland

From: (TriStar500)
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Date:         30 Mar 94 00:06:50 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.985@orchard.Chicago.COM>,
(Ed Hahn) writes:

>200-300 pounds of fuel is well within the realm of uncertainty in fuel
>quantity measurement...

I don't know what fuel burn on the old JT3s was, but a JT8D, ala 727, burns
1,000 pounds/hour at IDLE. At 200-300 pounds per tank at certainly well more
than 1,000 pph plus the FQIS fudge factor, I think that for all practical
purposes we can consider this airplane to have been running on empty.

BTW, when we fueled our DC-8s we always used the dripsticks as the final
authority as to fuel quantity. This may have been mentioned already.