Re: MD-88 wing ice

From: (TriStar500)
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Date:         30 Mar 94 00:06:48 PST
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>THe main result of this has
>been the addition of heater pads to the inner wings of these

DL MD-88s have an alternate fuel burn system installed. Normal fuel burn is
from center tanks first then wing tanks. The automatic alternate fuel burn
system shuts off the center tank boost pumps until wing fuel is burned down to
a certain level. At this point the center boost pumps come on again. I can get
exact numbers if anyone is interested.
This system has worked very well.

DL MD-88s also have a piezeo-electric ice detector mounted on each upper wing

BTW, the ice detectetion tufts are still installed per the AD and are red
parachute cord. Flight crew is required to check the wing when OAT is less than
50 f.