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>I am slightly confused - I know Boeing scrapped one 727.  If it
>wasn't the prototype, what was it?  The only possibility that springs
>to mind is the UDF test aircraft.

I don't know, but the UDF testbed sounds like a reasonable candidate.

>I am not certain the United 727 is at Boeing field.  It is not parked
>at the Museum of Flight.  Rumor has it that is is up at Paine Field
>in Everett.

I didn't see it at Boeing Field last summer either.  If it flew
elsewhere, they must have found some new engines because United
donated the airframe but wanted to get the engines back as soon
as it was ferried to its final location.

>The prototype 747 is not on loan to Boeing - it is on lease!

Picky, picky!  (Not that I wouldn't have done the same, mind you. ;-))

>I am suprised that the prototype L-1011 was scrapped - last I knew it
>was still being used for test purposes.

It did test-fly the extended wingtips and ACS.  But you may have
seen it since the scrap date -- apparently the front section of the
fuselage is part of something at Disneyworld.  A sad end for a very
pretty airplane.  :-(

>Are there any Convair 880 or 990s left, other than the 990 in

Seems to me there's the hulk of one up at SFO, along with a 707.  I
have a vague recollection of several remaining in decent, though they
may have been the ones you mentioned as being recently scrapped.

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