Re: VERY Early DC-8s

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         30 Mar 94 00:06:44 PST
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	I am slightly confused - I know Boeing scrapped one 727.  If it 
wasn't the prototype, what was it?  The only possibility that springs to 
mind is the UDF test aircraft.  Also - I am not certain the United 727 is 
at Boeing field.  It is not parked at the Museum of Flight.  Rumor has it 
that is is up at Paine Field in Everett.

	The prototype 747 is not on loan to Boeing - it is on lease!  It 
is nice to see the museum making money this way!  I am suprised that the 
prototype L-1011 was scrapped - last I knew it was still being used for 
test purposes.  I could swear that I heard of its existence since the 
1986 scrapping date you allude to.

	Are there any Convair 880 or 990s left, other than the 990 in 
Switzerland?  I've heard that the AJI ones at Mojave have been scrapped.

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