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From:         Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU>
Date:         30 Mar 94 00:06:38 PST
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The angled rear deck on Airbus aircraft may mean that more passengers
can be shoehorned in, but it also means that the aircraft is not very
easy to build derivatives for.

Specifically, I refer to "Combi" and "Freighter" aircraft.  When 
Fedex signed up for A300-600F's, Airbus had to go back and rework
the fuselage so that the deck would be flat and not cause any
operational headaches.  This is a major change.

If you notice, Airbus has built very few "combis" so far.  Martinair
took an A310 Convertible, but with the door at the front, and 
presumably without modifications to the rear fuselage.  The A340
combi is a few years off, if we ever see it at all.

It would be interesting to see how Korean Air and other airlines
operating A300F's (modified after some years of passenger service)
have got around the problem of the angled deck.  Perhaps the rear
is just used for bulk shipments and not pallets.

Any comments?