Re: Valsan 727 modifications

From: (Read Fleming)
Date:         30 Mar 94 00:06:35 PST
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In article 1022@orchard.Chicago.COM, David Lednicer <> writes:
>	I have been asked what the Valsan reengining program is, so I 
>will describe it here.
  [many interesting tidbits deleted]

>	Both the Valsan and Dee Howard kits up the aircraft's available 
>thrust.  Some Valsan engineers told me about taking off in a modified 
>727-100 with the spoilers inadverantly actuated.  They claimed that the 
>rate of climb was still better than with the old engines!  In fact, they 
>were talking at one point about removing the #2 engine altogether and 
>turning the 727 into a twin!

I believe about 10 years ago, American Airlines (and perhaps others)
investigated a 727 reengining program that would turn them into twins,
using modern high-bypass engines.  The program also included glass
cockpits, upgraded brakes, and a host of other improvements.  American
considered this approach when interest rates (and thus the cost of borrowing
for new airplanes) went sky-high.  However, the numbers still didn't come
out right in the end.  As I recall, interest rates started trending down
while the estimates for the the hypothetical "new" 727 crept up to the
$20M range, with all the "might-as-well-as" changes.

Can one of you experts out there correct my hazy memory and fill us in on
this?  Is the 727 destined to become another DC-3 or (better analogy,
perhaps) JU-52?