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>One last question - what happened to the prototype DC-8?  It would be
>a shame if it were scrapped.

The most recent reference I have shows it as being stored at Marana,
Arizona, since around 1987, so there's still hope.

>Boeing donated ... the first 747 to the Museum of Flight here is Seattle.

But recently borrowed it back for flight testing the PW4000 and Trent
engines for the 777.  (The GE90 is being tested on another 747 which
is owned by GE, one that had been leased to Pan Am if memory serves.)

>Hopefully NASA will donate the first 737 (which they own) to a
>suitable facility

NASA no longer owns it -- they sold it to a university in Ohio.

>Unfortunately Boeing scrapped the first 727.

Not true -- several years ago, United pulled it from service for a
month or so and completely refurbished, including an original 1964
paint scheme, then flew it SFO-SEA on one last revenue flight.  It
then flew one final flight, to Boeing field, where United took the
engines but donated the rest to the Museum of Flight.

Of the other Boeings, the first *production* 707, crashed into
Chances Mountain in Antigua in 1965, but the first 757 and 767 are
both still in the hands of Boeing.

>Lockheed still owns the first L-1011.

Not true.  They sold it in 1986 and it was broken up for spares in
Ardmore, Oklahoma.

>Come to think of it, what happened to the first DC-9 and DC-10?

As of about 18 months ago the first DC-9 was stored in Clearwater,
Florida.  The MD-80 prototype was, unfortunately, scrapped rather

The first DC-10 is still in service with American as far as I can
tell, the only one out of at least American's first 14 that has not
yet been retired.

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