VERY Early DC-8s

From:         David Lednicer <>
Date:         26 Mar 94 00:35:35 PST
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	Thanks for the info Karl.  The reason I asked is that we were 
doing some mod work on DC-8s in '93 and in the process we measured some 
wing geometry off an aircraft.  Our measurements didn't agree with the 
theoretical wing shape, so we were concerned that we might have one of 
the early, unmodified aircraft.  I now suspect that instead, a 
combination of measurement inaccuracy and a bent aircraft gave us the 
disagreement.  If you ever want to see the guts of a DC-8 (or DC-9) there 
is an aircraft boneyard on the South side of Willow Run Airport in 
Ypsilanti Michigan.  Connie Kalita's operation always seems to have a 
couple aircraft there being cut up and stripped of parts.  During my 
infrequent business trips to Detroit, I have photographed (for work 
purposes!) the remains of two DC-8-61 or -63s a -50 and an ex-Midway DC-9 

	One last question - what happened to the prototype DC-8?  It would
be a shame if it were scrapped.  After all, Boeing donated Dash 80 to the 
NASM and the first 747 to the Museum of Flight here is Seattle.  Hopefully 
NASA will donate the first 737 (which they own) to a suitable facility, now
that they are replacing it with a 757.  Unfortunately Boeing scrapped the 
first 727.  Lockheed still owns the first L-1011.  Come to think of it, what 
happened to the first DC-9 and DC-10?

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