Re: Airbus out of control (Moscow, 1991)

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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:51 PST
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>According to the daily Westdeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (Tuesday, 22 March), a
>"unique" incident involving an Airbus A-310 near Moscow in 1991 has now been
>analyzed by the Luftfahrt-Bundesamt (German equivalent of FAA). The incident
>seems to have gone basically unnoticed by the public at the time it happened.

Thanks for the info!  I had read a very sketchy note about the
incident some time ago and posted an article asking if anyone knew
more about it.  There were no responses, and all I had to go on was
an A310 near Moscow, so there wasn't much to go on.

>Not all of this is making sense to me, but the article sounds "from
>the horses mouth", so I'll leave it to more knowledgeable comment.

Well, we now have two references to what appear to be the same event,
from completly different sources and at different times.  If anyone
happens to have more info, in particular access to the German report,
please share it!

>The gurus have the floor, esp. the Airbus lovers and "lovers"...

I probably fall in the latter category when it comes to the A320 and
later Airbus models, but I don't see any connection with this case.
The A310 (and A300) is a solid, respectable, relatively conventional
aircraft, the reputation of which doesn't deserve to be sullied by
its younger and smaller stablemate.

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