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From: (Philip M. Chuang)
Organization: University of Michigan
Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:47 PST
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>that trivia is not all true I mean if you just count airframes the
>707 will definitely outnumber the DC-8. I'm talking about E-3,E-6,E-8
>and a whole lot of RC/KC/C-135's which are all based on the 707

      707's were to have based on the RC/KC/C-135 airframe, but when
      Boeing noticed that they were losing early orders to the "paper"
      DC-8, they widened the body 4 inches to allow for six-abreast
      seating.  At the same time, this eliminated the possibility
      of using C-135 jigs for constructing 707's.

      Jack Steiner's papger in the book _The_Jet_Age_ describes
      this in detail, as well as the subtle differences between
      the fuselege cross-section of 707, 727, and 737.