Re: DC-10 Engine pod Fins

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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:45 PST
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David Lednicer <> shaped the electrons to say:
>than 707s - the US government has been a major buyer of airline surplus 
>707s.  The last I heard they had bought over 200 old 707s, of which 
>nearly 100 are at Davis-Monthan, stripped of parts.  It must be nice to 
>have the US government supporting your hull value!

That is to be expected, the governemt has quite a large fleet of aircraft
that can use parts from the 707.  All the C-135 family (KC/EC/C/RC/etc...),
even though the fuselage is different, have a high degree of commonality.
And then the E-3 Sentry which IS a 707 airframe, and also the VC-137.

Since the 707 line is closed, it is easier to get spares buy grabbing the
ex-civil aircraft.

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