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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:40 PST
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>The A340 forward landing gear does indeed leave a distinct nose-down
>when sitting on the gear; this is due to that gear being very close
>in design to the nose gear on A300/310's.  The A330 may have newer
>gear, allowing "flat" floor while on gear.

This is true for an A340-200, such as Lufthansa flies, but not quite
for the reasons you suggest.  The nose gear is the same on all A330
and A340 models, which gives a slight nose-down attitude on the A330
and A340-300, but a more pronounced slope for the shorter A340-200.
This makes the A340-200 a little bit harder to land gently according
to the pilot report in AW&ST.  It also causes the tail to be raised,
which in early testing caused some concern that it might be too high
for service trucks.

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