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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:39 PST
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(Ed Hahn) writes:

  Not sure about the older aircraft in service, but I DO know that the
  A330 and A340 have a significant nose-down attitude on the cabin floor
  when sitting on the landing gear.  Furthermore, the floor is not
  flat, and increases in slope toward the rear of the aircraft.  I
  think that if you find a picture of the A340 looking down the
  fuselage, this effect will be very noticable...
According to a friend (flugbegleiter/Cabin Attendant) with Lufthansa, 
two points to note.  The A340 forward landing gear does indeed 
leave a distinct nose-down when sitting on the gear; this is 
due to that gear being very close in design to the nose 
gear on A300/310's.  The A330 may have newer gear, 
allowing "flat" floor while on gear.

Second, the upward slant on rear of A300/310/340/330's is 
supposedly to allow more containerized cargo to be 
placed in rear; Boeings have less space for this due to 
flat floor going all the way back.
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