Re: Level Flight Deck revisited

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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:37 PST
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>I would bet that the deck follows the C/L of the tube 
>pretty closely; otherwise cabin space would be lost.

Assuming the cabin has a circular cross-section, the floor is a little
below the C/L -- you want the widest section to be around waist or arm
level of a seated passenger, rather than down by their feet.

However, few, if any jetliners actually have a circular cross-section.
I really found this surprising -- the 727/737/757 certainly look to be
circular, or nearly so, but then I saw an actual cross-section and was
quite surprised at just how far off they are from being circular.  The
section looks more like an 8, with the lower lobe being smaller, and
the floor beams holding the pinched-in part together.

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