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Date:         24 Mar 94 14:01:34 PST
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>I believe the A300-600 has a 1.5 degree break in the floor somewhere in
>the aft cabin.  I could be wrong on the particular Airbus model - Karl?

All of the widebody Airbus models have this feature, which is fairly
noticeable both inside and out.  If you look at the aft fuselage from
the side, the top is fairly straight, while the bottom tapers up, in
a kind of skewed cone.  The 747 is like this as well (except for the
747SP, which is really odd), whereas the 757 and 767 taper from both
top and bottom in a more pure cone shape.  I'm not sure how well words
describe it but if you compare an A300/A310 to a 767 it's obvious.

The Airbus design raises the tailcone, allowing shorter landing gear
or a longer fuselage before worrying about tail strikes, which I
assume is why they did it.  I would *guess* it's not quite as clean
aerodynamically (just a guess, mind you -- I'd welcome concurrence or
correction from anyone who knows what they're talking about!).  It
also means the widest cross-section of the fuselage, which generally
is just above cabin floor level to allow maximum seating, is not level
but rather goes up, hence the angle to the floor in that section.

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