777 Rollout.....April 9th, coming?

From:         gregory@bcstec.ca.boeing.com (Greg Wright)
Date:         20 Mar 94 22:29:56 PST
Organization: Boeing Computer Services
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>From a recent 777 News Bulletin..

"...which commemorates the completion of the No. 1 777 . At the
event, scheduled for Saturday, april 9, almost 100,000 invited 
Boeing employees and guests will gather to view the ceremonial
rollout of the airplane in presentations repeated throughout
the day."


"....Personal cameras and video equipment are not allowed on 
site.  The Boeing News will provide extensive coverage about
the celebration.  A special BTV News also will be produced and
distributed afterwards to capture the event for those who don't
attend.", and
"...Currently, flight test equipment is installed in the air-
plane, so it is not feasible to open it for viewing." I can
personally vouch for this, it is PACKED. :-) Full of water 
cans and electronic racks.

Further info, "....Yes. special 777 merchandise will be available
the day of the event.  The items include: mugs, poloshirts, sweat-
shirts, hats and T-shirts....."

And now the most important, "...All Everett site employees will 
receive tickets. Tickets have also been allocated to other
divisions and organizations that have supported the 777 program,
as well as representatives from our customers, partner, suppliers,
and community."

I have heard that each of us will recieve 2 tickets per person. So,
if you know anybody up here you better give them a call. The public
doesn't get too many chances too get inside the plant, down with the
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