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>... a DC-8 Series 20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this series was
>one of the very first DC-8s which were produced ... Anyone know exactly when
>this vintage was built?

The first DC-8-21 was the second DC-8 off the line, first flying on
November 29, 1958.  The -21 differed from the series 10 by having
15,800 lb thrust JT4A-3 engines instead of the 13,500 lb JT3C-6
engines of the DC-8-11/12, with the wing modifications of the -12.
Only 34 series 20 aircraft were built, while some of the series 10
production was upgraded to series 20 specs.

Getting back to the DC-9, the first flight of a DC-9 was on February
25, 1965, and the 77th one appears to have been the last delivery of
1966, so there were indeed a fair number of DC-9s of 1966 or older
vintage.  Quite a few of them still seem to be in service.

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