Re: Date of Construction

From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: Boeing Commercial Airplane Group
Date:         20 Mar 94 22:29:47 PST
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Lars A Ewell <> wrote:
>	I recently flew Northwest Airlines from Des Moines 
>to LaGuardia.  When boarding the DC-9 from Detroit back
>to DesMoines I noticed a black stamp inside the door that 
>had the place of manufacture (Long Beach) as well as the date.
>The date was 1966.  I was surprised that the plane was that 
>old.  Are many of the DC-9's this old?  In addition, are
>planes required to have the date of manufacture posted like

I doubt that there are many DC-9s made in or before 1966.  Seems to me the
DC-9 entered service right about then.  Our distinguished moderator will no
doubt have more precise data.  However, all commerical airliners are indeed
required to have that data plate right there at door 1.

An interesting point on the DC-9, it has been shown to have a service life
in excess of 200,000 hours.  Incredible!  They really knew how to build
them back then.  :-)  Also, you find operators like Northwest who depend on
the DC-9 to keep bringing in the cash in bad times because they are
relatively easy to maintain (read cheap to operate).  Interesting
counter-point Finnair decided not to upgrade their fleet of DC-9s to the
DC-9X standard (new cockpit, etc), but to replace them with some yet to be
named 100 seat airplane (737-X maybe?).

Any of you guys know the number of lug nuts on the nosewheel?  :-)

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