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Date:         20 Mar 94 22:29:42 PST
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Lars A Ewell ( wrote:

: 	I recently flew Northwest Airlines from Des Moines 
: to LaGuardia.  When boarding the DC-9 from Detroit back
: to DesMoines I noticed a black stamp inside the door that 
: had the place of manufacture (Long Beach) as well as the date.
: The date was 1966.  I was surprised that the plane was that 
: old.  Are many of the DC-9's this old?  In addition, are
: planes required to have the date of manufacture posted like
: this?

In 1989 I flew on a charter flight with an outfit called Crownair to
Glasgow in a DC-8 Series 20. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this
series was one of the very first DC-8s which were produced. Quite a short
fuselage on it. I was also a little concerned about the general shabiness
of the plane (although it functioned just fine on the flight), and was a
bit leery of flying in a plane this old. Anyone know exactly when this
vintage was built? I imagine the maintenance crews must spend some very
long hours on planes this old. Are there actually limits on the age of an
airframe imposed on carriers, beyond which the aircraft must be

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