Re: touch down on the road.....

From: (Bruno Wendler)
Organization: Laboratoire d'IA Univ. Savoie, france
Date:         12 Mar 94 10:30:35 PST
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>I have 2 memories concerning road very fuzzy, the other
>less so.

See, the point is that touchdowning on a road or over a forest
needs a very brave decision. I was wondering, in the case of
this DC-8 which run out of fuel (cause of dealing with the
gear pb. .. donnu when and where... :-) One could assume that
touching down on a road could be a better choice (of course,
it depend on the situation, the road, traffic, etc ,etc.), because
it "look like a runway". Is it however a forest smoother to
place a plane in case of ...... ?

I was thinking also on the UA 232 case at Sioux City. The pilot
( a real hero !) had eventually the choise of tchdwn on a highway.

I know it is not an easy answer (it depends on lots of parameters..)
but anyway here comes the question: What would you choose:
road vs forest  (no runway :-0 ) ?

I which nobody will have to take the decision one day !

Still have a nice day.....

Bruno Wendler
LIA/Universite de Savoie