Re: Soft ride mode on B747

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Date:         12 Mar 94 00:41:49 PST
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In article <airliners.1994.1004@orchard.Chicago.COM>, (Mary Shafer) writes:
>While the mind is a powerful thing, so are modern flight control
>systems.  They have a ride-smoothing mode in the flight control
>system--it uses accelerations fed into the FCS computers.  We did a
>lot of studies on this using a variable-stability executive jet
>aircraft in the mid to late 60's and did find that it was fairly
>useful, even though it doesn't make the ride totally smooth.  The ride
>is improved enough, however, to reduce motion sickness symptoms.  As
>far as I know, the 747 was the first to have this; I don't know what
>other aircraft have it.

Can someone (BCAG people?) verify that the B747 indeed has these?
What the pilot interfaces are to this system to turn it on and off,
like the original poster quoted?  I don't see anything in the
autoflight interfaces that give the pilot a switching mechanism. Is it
part of a different (other than auto flight) system on the B747?

-sethu rathinam