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Date:         12 Mar 94 00:41:46 PST
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I have 2 memories concerning road very fuzzy, the other
less so.

In the 50's a Trans-Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) Super G Constellation
landed 'short' of Toronto Int'l on Hwy 401, fortunately with no injuries
or really significant damage - except possibly to underwear.  This was I
believe about 1956-57, after a long night flight from Port of Spain, Trinidad.
I believe the pilot-in-command basically fatigued out and mistook the highway
lights for approach lighting.  This was related to me by my father who worked
for Big Red (Air Canada) 1944-1977.  As well, I recall him saying that the
pilot was later killed (along with all others) in a charter crash about 1959
returning from Europe to Canada and having a fuel starvation situation.  I
believe this was a Maritime Central Airways DC-4.

The other recollection is of a Southern Airways (who bought them out, anyway?)
DC-9 encountering a super severe hailstorm in, I believe, Georgia, sometime
in about the 1969-1971 time frame (I think this is about right since I seem
to recall I was in university then).  The hail knocked out _both_ JT8Ds and
the pilot managed to put the a/c down on a State highway alright, but, very
tragically clipped a telephone pole with a wing, cartwheeled, hit a gas station,
and exploded.  There were quite a lot of fatalities, but about 12-15 (?) people
survived.  Unfortunately neither of the up-front guys made it, which shows how
unfair life can be, at times.  The pilots were _true_ heroes.

If anyone has more info on either of these events I'd appreciate reading it
either directly or on the net.

Bruce Hedley
AECL Research