BAe 146 (was Re: 737-100)

From: (Woodhams)
Organization: University of Auckland
Date:         11 Mar 94 00:56:46 PST
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Tobias Henry Lutterodt <luterodt@phoenix.Princeton.EDU> writes:
>probably going to be retired soon.  Incidentally, other operators of
>737-100s included Ansett New Zealand (with ex-Lufthansa aircraft) and

Ansett NZ operated 737's briefly when they started up until they got
delivery of their BAe 146's several years ago.

Why is the BAe 146 so different from other airliners? It has a high
wing and 4 wing mounted jets for a small airplane, compared to the now
almost universal low wing two engine arrangement. Is it to allow
landing on grass, keeping the engines high to avoid ingesting crud?

Michael W.