Your Ideal Aircraft

From: (Mitchell Sprague)
Organization: Mendocino Middle School
Date:         10 Mar 94 13:07:32 PST
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As part of the NASA K12NREN School Partnership Program, fourth grade
students at Mendocino Middle School in California are studying the history
and the future of aeronautics. The theme of their unit is "The Confluence
of Technology and Ideas"--i.e., how do ideas and technology come together
to move inventions forward. Our students have a few questions we think you
can help us with if you are involved in any way in aeronautics design of
any kind. Please feel free to answer any or all of them and to post this

1. What type of aircraft would you design if you had any technology
2. What keeps designers from taking the next "big step"?
3. What technology, in your opinion/experience has had the biggest impact
on aircraft design? What will impact design the most in the coming years?
What are the next problems to solve in terms of materials and manufacutre?
4. What features do you want to see in an airplane?
5. Briefly describe any work you do related to aircraft design.

Please respond to and not to the conference.

Mitchell Sprague
Mendocino Middle School
California State Telemation Project 
NASA K-12NREN Partner School Program
"Perhaps we may frighten away the ghosts of so many 
years ago with a little illumination."