Re: Domestic Aircraft

From: (Patrick D Warn)
Organization: University of Vermont -- Division of EMBA Computer Facility
Date:         22 Jan 93 02:59:50 PST
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In <airliners.1993.90@ohare.Chicago.COM> geoff@tyger.East.Sun.COM (Geoff Arnold @ Sun BOS - R.H. coast near the top) writes:

>In article 89@ohare.Chicago.COM, weiss@edison.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss) writes:
>## What about the shorter-range aircraft, like the 727 and 737?  How
>##do they get from the US to, say, the middle east?  Are their ranges just long
>##enough to make it from New York to London?

>That's what Iceland is for! (Apologies to my many Icelandic friends....)

Actually, a large part of an airplanes fuel is spent getting off the
ground and up to crusing altitude. With an empty plane the crusing range
goes up considerablely. When I worked for Boeing I took a aircraft
familarization class and I think I remember the instructor saying that a
fully loaded 747 flying from Seattle to Japan burned almost half its fuel
taking off. 

                     Wondering what it all means,