Delivery flights

From: (Christopher Davis)
Organization: Electronic Frontier Foundation Tech Central
Date:         22 Jan 93 02:59:48 PST
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MW> == Michael Weiss <weiss@edison.SEAS.UCLA.EDU>

 MW> Clearly, aircraft with long ranges (such as the 767, 747, DC-10, etc.,
 MW> etc.) can be flown directly from the US to any nation, so delivery is
 MW> no more complicated than flying to the appropriate country.  What
 MW> about the shorter-range aircraft, like the 727 and 737?  How do they
 MW> get from the US to, say, the middle east?  Are their ranges just long
 MW> enough to make it from New York to London?

It's my understanding that, at least in some cases, auxiliary fuel bladders
are used to up the range for delivery flights (and in any case, the lack of
passenger, luggage, and/or cargo weight increases the amount of fuel that
can be carried).

Also, for trans-Atlantic delivery flights, routing through Gander or Goose
Bay is often used.
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