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 From: (UPI)
 Subject: Boeing begins major assembly for 777

	SEATTLE (UPI) -- Boeing Co. said Thursday it has started major
assembly of its first new aircraft in more than a decade -- the 777
jetliner, which is slated for delivery in a little more than two years.
	Boeing said employees began work on the first 777 airplane wing at
the 777 Division near Everett, Wash., by installing about 5,100
fasteners on a 105-foot-long structure that will become the front spar
in the plane's left wing.
	``This marks the start of one of an airplane's major stages -- the
wing assembly,'' said Dale Hougardy, vice president. ``Meeting this
program milestone is a significant step in helping us deliver a quality
airplane on schedule to our airline customers.''
	The spars act as major supports to strengthen the whole wing
structure, with each wing containing two tapered aluminum spars.
	The 777 is wide-body airliner midway in size between the 747 jumbo
jet and the mid-range 767, with seating for 305 to 440 passengers.
	Final assembly of the first airplane will begin in late 1993, with
rollout in March 1994. First delivery to United Airlines will take place
in May 1995.
	Boeing said it has received 118 firm orders and 95 options for the
plane, which is believed to have a price tag of about $120 million per
	The 777 is expected to cost Boeing at least $4 billion in development
and initial-production costs.
	Boeing also admitted earlier this month that it had talked with
German manufacturer Daimler Benz about building a ``super jumbo jet''
with capacity for 600 to 800 passengers. Analysts believe that project
would cost $10 billion to get off the ground.
	For the first nine months of last year, Boeing earned $1.29 billion,
or $3.69 a share, compared with $1.16 billion, or $3.39 a share, in the
year-ago period. Nine-month revenues were $22.69 billion, compared with
$21.56 billion.

OK, so how many of *you* are going to be out in Seattle for the B777
rollout next March? Anyone out at Boeing Commercial Airplanes able to
get some passes to this thing? :-) 

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