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Date:         22 Jan 93 02:59:45 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.87@ohare.Chicago.COM> Geoff.Miller@Corp.Sun.COM (Geoff Miller) writes:

>  The fuselage of the DC-8 has a pronounced nose-down attitude on the ground,
>  which is especially noticeable with the stretched Super 60 and -70 models.
>  Does anyone know the reason for this?  It occurs to me that the designers
>  might have had the possibility of a fuselage stretch in mind, even when the
>  original version was under development.  (As an aside, I read someplace that
>  a similiar stretch of the 707 was deemed unfeasible due to the lack of extra
>  clearance during rotation for takeoff.)

A recent article in Aviation Week and Space Technology on the A340
described how the front landing gear had to be redesigned because it
was 10 inches too short. This resulted in a noticeable nose down /
tail up attitude. Interestingly enough, the nose down attitude wasn't
the reason for the change. Supposedly the tail up attitude placed the
rear doors up to 16 inches too high for the lifts on the trucks.

My question is this: How could the designers goof by 10 inches?

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