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Date:         21 Jan 93 12:32:06 PST
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Michael> == Michael Weiss <weiss@edison.SEAS.UCLA.EDU> 

 Michael> In article <airliners.1993.71@ohare.Chicago.COM> kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
>Also, where did this international stuff come from?  United planned
>to use the 777 to replace the DC-10 on *domestic* routes, with the
>747-400 and 767 (both -200 and -300) used for long international

 Michael> This had me wondering something.  Clearly, aircraft with long
 Michael> ranges (such as the 767, 747, DC-10, etc., etc.) can be flown
 Michael> directly from the US to any nation, so delivery is no more
 Michael> complicated than flying to the appropriate country.  What
 Michael> about the shorter-range aircraft, like the 727 and 737?  How
 Michael> do they get from the US to, say, the middle east?  Are their
 Michael> ranges just long enough to make it from New York to London?

There are several answers to this. The first is that trips to Europe are
usually hopped through Gander, (Newfoundland? -- in any case,
Northeastern Canada) which is alot closer to Europe than any of USA. The
second, which can be combined with the first is the use of fuel
bladders. Rip out the seats (or even not) and put a whole lot of fuel.
Makes up for the lack of passengers and their luggage, and gives a
whoooooole lot of range. Another (slightly sillier) option that British
Airways used once between a flight from LHR (London-Heathrow) to SYD
(Sydney, Australia) was to only allow 50 people on board, and ship their
luggage on another flight. It went non-stop, though. :-)

Once the aircraft get to, say, Europe, it can make as many stops as it
needs to get to the middle east or former Soviet Union (who recently
certified the 737 for operation inside its borders by its member
countries) because it's (mostly) over land!

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