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Date:         21 Jan 93 12:32:02 PST
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In article 89@ohare.Chicago.COM, weiss@edison.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss) writes:
##This had me wondering something.  Clearly, aircraft with long ranges (such as
##the 767, 747, DC-10, etc., etc.) can be flown directly from the US to any
##nation, so delivery is no more complicated than flying to the appropriate
##country.  What about the shorter-range aircraft, like the 727 and 737?  How
##do they get from the US to, say, the middle east?  Are their ranges just long
##enough to make it from New York to London?

That's what Iceland is for! (Apologies to my many Icelandic friends....)

Geoff Arnold, PC-NFS architect, Sun Select. (geoff.arnold@East.Sun.COM)