Re: McDonnell Douglas warns against carry-on electronic devices

From:         caf@omen.UUCP (Chuck Forsberg)
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Date:         06 Jan 93 01:06:28 PST
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In article <airliners.1993.2@ohare.Chicago.COM> (Robert Dorsett) writes:
>It'd be interesting to learn how MDC came to its very specific conclusion 
>about the bank incident... :-)
>Robert Dorsett
>>From AIRLINE PILOT, December 1992, p. 40:
>"McDonnell Douglas Corporation has warned all operators of DC-8, DC-9,
>DC-10, MD-11, and MD-80 aircraft about reported interference to
>avionics from passenger carry-on electronic equipment.  The
>manufacturer further recommends that operators of its aircraft
>prohibit onboard use of 'any passenger-operated carry-on electronic
>radio transmitting device which intentionally radiates' electromagnetic
>"The reason for the warning, said McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Company,
>is that a DC-10 recently '...abruptly banked to the right twice during
>climb to a cruising altitude.  The suspected cause of these incidents
>was...  a passenger operating a small audio [compact disc] player.'

Round up the usual suspects.  Isn't this a bit early?  April 1
is more like it.  Obviously the passenger was playing a Killer CD.

If the McDonnell jets are so sensitive to EMI that a CD player
(!!!) can stand one on its ear, better not fly one within
sight of FM or TV towers, satellite dishes, radar beams, CB
antennas, taxicabs, let alone any source of lightning discharge.
Confiscate all cellular phones in checked or carry-on luggage.
If a CD Walkman can crash a DC-10, think of what a megawatt UHF
TV station would do.

And don't forget, digital watches use RF energy.
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