DC-8 nose-down attitude on the ground (was: Do DC-9s exhibit a nose-down

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Date:         20 Jan 93 14:01:48 PST
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weiss@turing.SEAS.UCLA.EDU (Michael Weiss) writes:

>It should also be noted that the fuselage during taxi (and the takeoff/landing
>rolls) actually is pitched down, and the engines themselves are close to

The fuselage of the DC-8 has a pronounced nose-down attitude on the ground,
which is especially noticeable with the stretched Super 60 and -70 models.
Does anyone know the reason for this?  It occurs to me that the designers
might have had the possibility of a fuselage stretch in mind, even when the
original version was under development.  (As an aside, I read someplace that
a similiar stretch of the 707 was deemed unfeasible due to the lack of extra
clearance during rotation for takeoff.)


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