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No need to scream!

Of the twenty Concordes (note the 'e') built, six are in museums or
stored, while the remaining fourteen are equally split between Air
France and British Airways.  The last one built first flew in 1979.


Last month, AW&ST had a short article entitled "Airbus Pursues 600-
Seat A3XX."  This seems to be the Airbus Industrie response to the
"defection" of all its largest members to Boeing's VLCT (Very Large
Commercial Transport) talks, essentially the Boeing version of the
A2000 proposal.  From the article:

    The separate Airbus Industrie concept, code-named A3XX, is a
    600-seat transport.  "It is an Airbus [aircraft], not competing,
    not interfering with the VLCT project," Bernard Ziegler, Airbus
    Industrie senior vice president, engineering and flight, said.

    "We are considering a 500-600-seat transport, with a 5,000-7,000-
    naut.-mi. maximum range, while the VLCT concept calls for a 600-
    800-seat ultrahigh-capacity transport offering a 7,000-10,000-
    naut.-mi.-maximum range," Airbus officials added.

The article includes a drawing, which depicts a somewhat flattened-
looking fuselage, like they took a normal near-circular cross-section,
cut it into left and right halves, and stuck in a flat roof and belly
piece to make it wider.  There are two vertical tails, one where the
"flat roof piece" meets each side.  The caption mentions 16-19-seat
abreast in economy -- a 747 is only 10!

If the VLCT is built, I find it hard to believe this aircraft could
also be built -- it's not all *that* much bigger than a 747-400 and
thus would be stuck between the 747 and VLCT, which seems to me like
a remarkably small niche.  If both were indeed built, it couldn't help
but compete with the VLCT, Ziegler's comments notwithstanding, and
with the relatively small market would almost surely set up another
lose-lose situation like the DC-10 vs. L-1011.

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